BREEDERS DIRECTORY (Listed alphabetically)

If you would like some more information about owning an ACD or wish to purchase an ACD from a reputable breeder then please contact any of the breeders listed below. They'll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Agassiz Lorraine Norris Ontario
Beechgrove Lea Malo-Poirier Quebec
BluForEwe Diane Devison Ontario
Brierpack Heidi Smith Ohio, USA
Byeyo Jeremy Brown Ontario
Catalyst Chuck Lamers Ontario
Cowcutta Jen Seaborn Saskatchewan
Kefi Fany Kuiper Ontario
Ksenia Barbara Loita Saskatchewan
Priest Creek Tammy McGarry Quebec
Psycht Ingrid Rosenquist Montana, USA
Reel Dena Denali Alberta
River Wild Vanessa Downing Alberta
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