1. The breeder shall abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of Canada and the rules and regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club.

2. The breeder shall advertise in an honest and non-fraudulent or misleading manner. The breeder shall give sound, correct, and experienced advice on the Australian Cattle Dog breed and shall make every effort to stay apprised on new information regarding the breed.

3. The breeder shall make every effort to determine the suitability of the Australian Cattle Dog breed to a prospective purchaser's needs. If the prospective purchaser is considered unsuitable, then the breeder should suggest that the prospective purchasers look at more appropriate breeds.

4. The breeder shall maintain the highest standards of canine health, cleanliness, and care. The breeder shall be concerned about the physical and mental welfare of the animals they own and produce.

5. The breeder shall not breed a bitch before her second season or offer a dog at stud prior to one (1) year of age. The animals shall be free of all communicable diseases and shall be in good physical and mental health. The breeder shall not breed a bitch repeatedly in such a manner as to endanger the mental or physical health and well-being of the bitch and/or her puppies.

6. The breeder shall not knowingly conduct any business with any puppy broker, puppy mill, franchised commercial facility, litter-lot sale, or agents thereof. No animal or stud services shall be offered as a prize in a lottery, raffle, contest, mail-order catalogue, or like activity.

7. The breeder shall be encouraged to test all of their breeding stock for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (register with the Canine Eye Registration Foundation or other A.C.D.C.C. recognized disease registry), x-ray and certify for Hip Dysplasia (register with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc., the Ontario Veterinary College or other A.C.D.C.C. recognized disease registry) and to conduct hearing tests (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) before using the animals in their breeding program. Copies of the results of these tests (C.E.R.F., O.F.A./O.V.C., and B.A.E.R.) on the darn and sire shall accompany each individual litter member that is sold or leased as proof of testing, The breeder shall support research on the disorders affecting the Australian Cattle Dog.

8. The breeder shall keep accurate breeding records, registration papers, and pedigrees.

9. The breeder shall conduct and support only ethical trade practices, with all service and sale arrangements mutually agreed upon, stated in writing and signed by all parties involved.

10. The breeder shall only use registered stock or stock registered by a registry recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club (i.e. American Kennel Club in the United States, R.A.S.K.C. in Australia, etc.) in their breeding program.

11. The breeder shall furnish accurate written records to the purchaser when an animal is sold or leased. The written records shall consist of the animal's pedigree, health (vaccinations, wormings, test results), and instructions on general care regarding continuing health, training, and current diet for the animal. The breeder shall provide the purchaser with the Canadian Kennel Club (or place of birth i.e. American Kennel Club) registration documents at no additional charge.

12. The breeder shall make themselves aware of health and/or temperament problems in the Australian Cattle Dog breed and shall make it a goal to raise, breed, and sell/lease sound stock. All animals shall be bred with the intentions of that particular breeding improving the breed and not with the intentions based on purely commercial reasons. The breeder shall honestly represent their evaluation on the quality of all Australian Cattle Dogs sold, leased, or offered for stud services. Inferior or substandard quality animals shall either be destroyed or sold/leased on a written contractual "Non-breeding Kennel Agreement" and/or be registered on the Canadian Kennel Club Limited Registration Certificate (Non-Breeding Agreement).

13. The breeder shall maintain a concerned interest in the well-being of all animals sold or leased by them and shall arrange for the return or placement of any animals found unsuitable or unwanted by the current owners. It is highly recommended that the breeder contact the purchasers of their animals annually to review the mutual relationship shared by the animal and owner. The breeder shall rescue any animal that they have bred, sold, or leased if it is found to be held at a pound, shelter, or in an undesirable situation.

14. Puppies should not be shipped prior to eight (8) weeks of age.

15. The breeder shall conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to be a credit to the sport of purebred dogs, the Australian Cattle Dog, and the Australian Cattle Dog Club of Canada, in particular.

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